Fearless Franco board game rules

Page 2, Phases of a turn / season


Phases of a turn / season
A season consists of 5 phases:
1. Draw a card
2. The flop
3. Pay bills
4. Resolve jump, if any
5. Hand limit

Phase 1. Draw a card

Each player draws one card from their draw deck. If a player does not have a deck left to draw from, then shuffle up their discarded stack to make a new draw deck.

Phase 2. The Flop

Players draw one card from their hand and hold it face down. Someone says "1, 2, 3..." and everyone flips their card. Players do NOT have to play a card in the flop if they do not want to, but this is the only way most cards are played, unless they are "B" cards (B cards can be played at anytime).

If a player is playing a hole/hold "H" card then the player keeps it face down and slides it to a place in front of him/her. A player may only have one hole card down.

If the card earns that player money then they received it now. If the card uses the word "collect" then the money comes from the Bank. If the card uses the word "take" then the money comes from another player.

Phase 3. Pay the bills

Players receive money from Franco or the bank. Players (especially the GF) get money from their LD cards.

In addition to any LD cards, the Mechanic may take money from Franco to perform one regular repair or upgrade. Likewise, the Doctor may take money from Franco to perform one regular healing. Once the Mechanic and/or Doctor are paid from Franco they simply remove the Damage token or Injury token to effectuate the repair, upgrade, or healing.
The Mechanic and Doctor exclusively decide what damage or upgrade and healing to make (unless a played card states otherwise). The Mechanic and Doctor MUST get paid to do their repairs, upgrades, and healing. The Mechanic and Doctor can never repair, upgrade, or heal without being paid, unless a played cards states otherwise.
Costs: normal vehicle repair $500. Vehicle Upgrade $1,000. One healing $1000.

Of course, players may play any B cards during this phase to affect payments, etc. There is a hierarchy to payments from Franco if he does not have enough money to pay everyone. See FRANCO'S BROKE on page 6 of these online Rules.

Phase 4. Resolve Jump

If there is a jump scheduled in the current season, it must be completed. See JUMPS on page 3 of these online Rules.

Phase 5. Hand limit

Before progressing to the next season all players must be at their hand limit. The hand limit of all players is one, unless an LD card increased it. If a player has more cards in their hand than their limit, then they must play or discard cards down to their limit. Note that only a B card could be played at this time. All other player cards must be played during the Flop. After all players are at their hand limits, move the Time Piece up the Time Track to the next season, and start a new turn/season.