Fearless Franco board game rules

Page 4, Cards


Player cards

There are four Player card types. The three specific ones will have their notation at the bottom of the card.

Laid down (LD) cards
hole or hold (H) cards
block (B) cards
and regular non-specific cards.

LD cards are played during the flop and go face up in front of the player. LD cards usually have an effect that works every season, such as earning money or increasing hand limit. LLD cards are Lone Lay Down cards, which means only one LLD card can be laid down. A player can never lay down more than one LLD card.

A single H card is placed face down in front of a player. A player can only have one H card down at a time. H cards are played during the flop. H cards can be looked at by their owner at any time, and replaced by another H card during the flop. Replaced H cards go to that player's discard pile. H cards are revealed at the end of the game and have rewards based on Franco's final status. If an H card states only "retirement" and does not specify graceful nor forced, then it means either.

B cards can be played at anytime during the game. The usually block another player's action, or affect a jump or special circumstance.

All other player cards are just plain ole regular cards and are played during the flop. Keep in mind that players do not have to play a card during the flop, and can discard any card(s) at any time.

Jump cards

Jump cards have four points of important data.


The vehicle is not listed on the Jump card other than it being seen in the image. If you can't tell the vehicle from the image then here is a cheat sheet: Jump cards J1 - J10 are motorcycle, J11 - J20 are dragster car, J21 - J30 are the rocket.

Used when scheduling a jump, Gap is the number of seasons between the current season and the next jump. So if you are in Summer of Year 3 and just completed a jump and are scheduling the next jump. The Jump card lists a Gap of 2. So the Girlfriend chooses the next Jump card, places it in the card stand, and places that on Spring of Year 4.

Franco's Jump Result comes from the Jump Chart on the game board. The Result is the intersection of two factors: the Jump's Difficulty and Franco's Landing. If Franco attempts a Luck Jump, then he simply rolls a die and Bam! you have the two factors and can determine the Jump Result. But if Franco attempts a Skill Jump then the Jump Difficulty comes into play again, with the Jump Difficulty Slider mat.

Finally, the Jump Cards have the Payout for Franco. The glory and money he earns from the Jump. Franco gets both of these regardless of the Jump's outcome. It does not matter if the Jump is fabulous or horrible or he even dies, Franco gets them both. But keep in mind that the Payout could be slightly adjusted by the Jump Result. And remember Franco keeps his earned glory secret, but not his money.

Special Circumstance aka Event cards

Despite your best-laid plans, odd events always pop up to throw a wrinkle at you. After Franco chooses to make a Skill or Luck jump, and before he attempts the jump, he will draw a Special Circumstance card. These cards vary greatly in their affect on the jump. Some of them are dependent on what season it is. If the card states "If attempting a jump in winter..." and the current turn is not a winter season, then you ignore the card's effects and discard it. But in most cases Special Circumstance cards should be revered with awe and horror.