Fearless Franco board game rules

Page 5, Vehicle upgrades and assigning random damage and injury

Vehicle upgrades

At the start of the same, all of the vehicles start out with no Upgrades so place a Damage token on the upgrades indicates this. Some of the upgrades have similar benefits, and some are unique.

Less Vehicle Damage
The number of vehicle damages from the Result of the Jump Chart is reduced by 1. Example: if the Jump Chart's Jump Result specifies 3 damage (a 3 in the grey hex nut) then it becomes 2 damage based on the Vehicle Upgrade.

Less Bodily Injury
The number of Franco's injuries from the Result of the Jump Chart is reduced by 1.

Better Success
Make the Jump landing one better on the Jump Chart after a Skill jump or Luck roll.

Life Saver
Discard any injury to a body part that would cause retirement or death to Franco.

Note that vehicle Upgrades are easily damaged. For example with the motorbike, only a roll of 2 damages the steering, but a roll of any number destroys both Upgrades.

Costs: normal vehicle repair $500. Vehicle Upgrade $1,000. One healing $1000.

Assigning random damage and random injury

To assign random Vehicle Damage the Mechanic rolls a die to chose a vehicle, 1-2 motorbike, 3-4 dragster car, and 5-6 rocket. Then the Mechanic rolls a die again and places a damage token on the part(s) and/or upgrade(s) that match the roll. Only one Damage token per part or upgrade. If a roll matches a part or upgrade already damaged, then the roll is spent and wasted.

To assign random Injury the Doctor simply rolls a die and places an Injury token on the body section that matches the roll. A body section can receive numerous injuries. Stack them.