Fearless Franco board game rules

Page 6, misc rules

Misc rules


At any time any player may solicit money from any other player to play (or not play) a card. This can be done after the fact, i.e. "I'll give you $1,000 to pick that card back up and discard it."

There is nothing unusual about this. Franco has often had to grease-the-palm of local public-events officials to get jumps certified. His Mechanic has bribed his fair share of immigration agents. And the Doctor has been bribing health officials his whole life. But as for Franco's girlfriend, she is usually the one soliciting bribes, not paying them.

Franco's Broke

If Franco does not have enough money to pay all his bills, then there is a hierarchy to who gets his money first. A player may play a card that alters this hierarchy.
1. Girlfriend LD child cards. If Franco is so broke he cannot pay her for her children then he must give her one glory token for that turn.
2. The Doctor for any healing.
3. The Mechanic for a regular part repair.
4. The Mechanic for an upgrade.
5. The doctor for any LD cards.
6. Non-child money paid to his girlfriend.

Lost glory

When players other than Franco get their grubby little hands on Glory tokens, then they can sell them to Franco. Glory only helps Franco with player's final game score. However, any glory tokens the Girlfriend has from unpaid child support must be sold back to Franco at the same cost he failed to pay her. The cost of all other Glory tokens is up for negotiation.