Fearless Franco board game rules

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The expansion character
If more than four people wish to play Fearless Franco, then they can play as betting spectators.

The Spectator's action comes during the jump phase of the season. Just before Franco attempts his jump, the Spectators will choose a card from their nine-card deck and place it face down in front of themselves.

During the final phase of the turn / season is when spectators flip their card to reveal how much they have won or lost. Spectators use Franco's FINAL (possibly modified) jump landing. Example, if Franco's landing is "Bad", but someone plays a card that makes it "Good" then the Final jump landing is "Good."

While some bets are dependent upon Franco's landing, some are dependent on his living, dying, or retiring.

To double their bet, a Spectator can simply place a single money bill (of any denomination) on top of their chosen card they lay down.

Spectators collect their winnings from the Bank, and pay their losses to the Bank.