Fearless Franco board game rules

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Game's end - final score

At the end of the game, players count their Money and Glory, then use their Player Tokens to race around the Score Track to determine the winner of the game.

Franco may keep secret how much Glory he has accumulated, and the other players may keep secret their Money earned, until game's end.


Keep the play money of the game on this spot on the board. No player should be allowed to be the "banker" because none of these characters could be trusted.

B card
B card is a type of player card. B stands for block. It can be played at anytime, not just the Flop.

Betting Spectator
If you have more than four players, then the others can play as Betting Spectators. They are players that only bet on Franco's jump result.

Betting Spectator Cards
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card stand
The Jump Card for the scheduled jump goes in the Card Stand and sits on the Time Track.

A jump result, or other cards, may damage Franco's vehicle. The amount of damage is the grey hex in the Jump Result square on the Jump Chart. Place a Damage Token on the appropriate vehicle part or upgrade to indicate it is damaged. Each vehicle part or upgrade may received only 1 damage, no stacking.
The Mechanic is the player that assess damage from the Jump Result. Vehicle damage is the number in the grey hex in the Jump Result. The Mech rolls a die that number of times and assesses corresponding damage. Note that 1 die roll may damage multiple parts and upgrades.

Damage tokens
Use Damage Tokens to cover parts and upgrades of Franco's vehicles on the game board to indicate they are damaged or inoperative.

Franco will die if he receives too many injuries to his head and torso. How many depends on the game difficulty you choose at the start of the game. These fatal injuries must be there at the end of the current turn/season. Franco could receive fatal injuries during a jump, but a player could play a B card and heal or resurrect Franco.
Upon death, move the Timepiece Token to the "Death" spot at the end of the Time Track. All the money is removed from the Bank and Franco places all his money in the Estate, unless someone has a card that states otherwise.

See separate entries below for Game Difficulty and Jump Difficulty

Doc or Doctor
The Doctor is one of the playable characters in the game. Doc has his own deck of player cards. Doc is responsible for healing Franco and Doc can only do one healing per turn, unless a card states otherwise. Each healing costs $1000.
Doc also assigns injuries from Jump Results. He rolls a die the number of times listed in the Jump Result, and puts injury tokens on the corresponding body section on Franco's body on the game board.

Doctor cards or Doctor player deck
The Doc has his own deck of player cards. Doc starts the game with one LD card out and down. His "Over billing others" (DR03) card.

The game ends when Franco either retires or dies. The Timepiece Token is moved into one of the three final spots at the end of the Time Track. Players reveal their Hole card and see if their end-game strategy matches Franco's final outcome. Then players count their money and glory and move their Player Tokens around the Time Track to determine the winner.

The estate only enters the game upon Franco's death. When Franco's dies, take away all the money from the Bank and then Franco places his money there as his estate. Then any players that have Hold cards related to Franco's estate may take money from his estate.

See Special Circumstance Cards below

The flop
The Flop is the second phase of a turn/season. The four main-character players choose a card from their hand and hold it face down. Someone counts "1,2,3" and they all reveal their card, unless it is a Hold card. Any and all cards may be played during the flop. A player does NOT have to play a card during the flop if they do not want to.

Franco is one of the playable characters in the game. Franco has his own deck of player cards. He performs the jumps in the game and receives the payout (money and glory) from the jump. If Franco has 1 injury or less then he gets to choose if he performs a Luck or Skill jump. Franco may keep his accumulated glory secret, but not his money. He pays the Mechanic for repairs and upgrades and pays the Doctor for healing. And Frano's injuries determine when the game ends.

Franco cards or Franco player deck
Franco has his own deck of player cards. Franco starts the game with three LD cards out and down. They are "Is your hair thinning?" (FF45) and "Having trouble in the bedroom?" (FF46) and "Are you afraid of your butt?" (FF47).

Gap is the number of seasons / turns between the current season and the season of the scheduled jump. The Gap is listed on the Jump Card.

GF or Girl Friend
Franco's beloved and one of the four main playable characters in the game. Most of her money comes from LD cards. She also gets to choose Franco's jumps, unless a card states otherwise. She draws 2 jump cards and chooses 1. Also, if Franco has 2 or more injuries, the Girlfriend decides if Franco attempts a Luck or Skill jump.

GF Cards or Girlfriend Cards
The Girlfriend character has her own set of player cards. Her Hole card "Life Insurance" has the biggest payout of any Hole card, but Franco has to die for her to collect on it.

Glory or glory token
Franco earns glory from completing jumps. However, there are some player cards that can give a player glory. Only Franco's final game score is dependent on glory. His Girlfriend can take 1 glory from Franco if he is broke and cannot pay her for any children LD cards.

A Player's hand are the player cards they have drawn but not played yet, in the flop or as B cards.

Hand limit
During a turn/season a player can have as many cards in their hand they want. But at the last phase of the turn a player must be at their hand limit. A player can discard down to their hand limit. In fact, a player can always discard a card at anytime. A player's hand limit can be raised by playing an LD Card.

H Card or Hold Card or Hole Card
Hole or hold cards are marked with an H at the bottom. Each of the four main-character players may have one, and only one, Hole card. This single Hole card is placed face down in front of the player. Hole cards remain secret from other players, unless a played cards states otherwise. Hole cards payout at the end of the game, depending on Franco's final status. If a Hole card states "retirement" but does not specify "forced" or "graceful" then it means either.

Once per turn/season the Doctor gets to perform 1 healing. He takes an injury token off of Franco's body diagram on the board. The decision about which injury to heal is the Doctor's alone. The Doctor cannot do this healing unless Franco pays him $1000. Any of these may be altered by a played card.

Franco's injuries are tabulated by placing an injury token on one of his six body sections. Franco can receive injuries from cards or jump results. A body section may receive multiple injuries, so stack them. The number in the red blood droplet in a jump result lists how many injuries Franco received from that jump. The Doctor

Jumps are how Franco earns money and glory. The information for the next jump is on the Jump Card. The next scheduled jump is in the card stand on the Time Track. Franco performs either a Luck Jump or a Skill Jump. If Franco has "A-okay" (one or zero injuries) then Franco gets to decide which jump he performs. However, if Franco is "banged-up" (two or more injuries) the his Girlfriend decides which jump he attempts.

Jump Cards
Jump cars list the vehicle, scheduling gap, jump difficulty, and payout of the jump. There is a place on the game board for jump cards, discarded jumps, and completed jumps.

Jump Chart
The Jump Chart is the grid located on the game board. It has six rows of Jump landings and five columns of Jump difficulty. Their intersection is the Jump Result.

Jump Difficulty
Jump Difficulty is listed on the Jump card, the Jump Chart, and the Jump Difficulty Slider Mat.

Jump Difficulty Slider Mat
Jump Difficulty Slider Mat.

Jump Landing
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Jump Result
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Jump Scheduling
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LD Cards
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LLD Cards
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Luck Jump
Luck Jumps are performed by Franco rolling a die. Each die roll has a corresponding Jump Landing along the Jump Chart on the game board. Franco gets to roll twice if the vehicle he is using in the jump has no damage, ignoring upgrades. Note - If the person who is playing Franco has dexterity issues, the let them make Luck Jumps.

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Mechanic Cards
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Payout is on Jump cards, and consists of money and glory. Franco receives the Payout after his jump, and regardless of the Jump result.

Player Card
Players play cards throughout the game. B cards may be played anytime with the rest being played during the Flop. Played cards are put into a discard pile unless they are played as an LD card or Hole card.
Side Betting Spectators only play before Franco attempts a jump, and do not have discard piles.

Player Deck
All of the players have their own deck of player cards. The four main playable characters have between 40-60 cards in their deck. The Side Betting Spectators have 9 cards in their deck.

Player tokens
Each player, including Betting Spectators, have one. These tokens are used at the end of the game to mark each player's final score on the Score Track.

See Vehicle Part below

Repairing or Upgrading
Once per turn/season the Mechanic gets to perform 1 repair or 1 upgrade. He takes one damage token off one of Franco's vehicles. The decision about which repair or upgrade to make is the Mechanic's alone. The Mechanic cannot perform a repair unless Franco pays him $500. Upgrades are $1000. Any of these may be altered by a played card.

Retirement - Forced
If Franco receives too many injuries to his arms and legs then he will be forced to retire.

Retirement - Graceful
Franco's goal is a graceful retirement.

Score Track
The Score Track determines the winner of the game. After Franco's death or retirement, and after the revealing of H cards, the players add up their money and glory, then move their player tokens around the Score Track. Whoever moves the furthest around is the winner.

Season or turn
Game play is made up of turns or seasons of a year. There are five phases in each turn/season. 1. draw a card, 2. the flop, 3. pay bills, 4. jump, if any, 5. hand limit. If Franco can make it through all the seasons/turns on the Time Track and complete a jump in Year 10, then he retires gracefully.

Skill Jump
To determine Franco's Jump Landing for a Skill Jump you must use 4 items: jump ramp, jump difficulty slider mat, jump landing mat, and vehicle token. The distance between the ramp and landing mat is determined by the slider mat. The greater the difficulty the farther the distance. You may have to hold the jump ramp with one hand, and slide the vehicle token with enough force up the ramp to land on the landing mat.

See Betting Spectator above

Time Piece or Time Token
The Time Piece goes on the Time Track and marks the current Turn / Season.

Time Track
The Time Track is on the game board. It is made up of 10 years and 4 seasons in each year. The game starts in Winter of Year 1. Moving the Timepiece Token down the Time Track as you complete turns/seasons.

See Season above.

See Vehicle upgrade below

Vehicle part
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Vehicle tokens
There are 3 representing Franco's 3 vehicles: motorbike, dragster car, and rocket. They are used with the Jump Ramp when attempting a Skill Jump.

Vehicle upgrade
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The Time Track has 10 years with 4 seasons in each year. If Franco survives a Jump in Year 10 then Franco gets to retire gracefully. Surviving means not dying nor forced into retirement.